Today we are going to create as the title suggest a weather widget with some es6 features and the flexbox model. You can view the demo( currently it loads Argentina weather ) to see what it’s about or see the repository if you only want to read the code

In this post we are going to write a command line program which generates a version of the pdf viewer of Issuu. Here you can see an example.

Today we are going to create an edit in place directive for angularjs. Here you got a demo so you can see what it’s about or if you already have some knowledge about angular and just only want to read the code here its the repository

Today its a rainy day here and you cant do so much things on a rainy sunday, so we are going to recreate the tinder swipe effect with the power of css3.

There was one thing that prevented me from making the change. When you autocomplete a snippet or an emmet expresion, and you type the final semicolon, it is inserted although it had been inserted by the snippet. Sublime handles this excelente moving the caret next to the char, but in...